Frozen Meals

From the third week of lockdown we have been running a very successful frozen meal menu. We send out a new menu every two weeks with loads of different options on it.

See one of our menus below.

Artichoke, Olive & Tomato Pasta Bake. This one is always a winner!
Our Delicious Lamb & potato Curry and some ideas on how to serve it at home.
Curried Mince Pie. Made with love to bake at home until golden brown.
Short Rib Beef Lasagna. Layered with delicious, creamy béchamel & Short rib ragout.
Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese bake. The perfect side to accompany any meal.
Pumpkin fritters tossed through cinnamon sugar. A good old South African classic.
Creamy Spinach & Feta. A delicious side made with love and care.
Lightly Spiced with Cinnamon, our butternut soup is thick and creamy, perfect for any meal.
Our Beautifully packaged Lasagnas before labels. Don’t worry, We do send cooking instructions. 🙂