Speciality Cakes

Our chefs, as well as being great cooks are amazing qualified pasrty chefs. Having run the pastry section at both the Mount Nelson and Test Kitchen our secret second love is our beautiful specialty cakes for any event.

Not only do we do cakes, we also do an array of cupcakes and decorated biscuits.

Need a cake for a special occasion? Give us a call and let us quote you. Our cakes taste amazing aswell as look fantastic! We put love into our cakes and are very excited to help you with your vision. See a few examples below

Our Signature Croquembouche.
Profiteroles filled with a burnt caramel cream, stuck together by white chocolate and covered in spun sugar.
Decadent Dark chocolate ganache covering a moist chocolate cake sponge.
Fondant toadstools made to decorate a cake.
A simple Vanilla cake decorated for a theme.
Our decadent carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing.
A Red Velvet Wedding cake creation!
A simple fresh flower decorated cake.
Chocolate Cheesecake topped with honeycomb & Chocolate mousse.
Arrrg ye land lover! Check out our cool pirate ship cake!
Decorated butter biscuits available for any theme!
Our delicious Cherry Pie. Served warm with Ice cream. You’re in dessert HEAVEN!
Vegan Peanut Butter cupcakes. Available in chocolate and vanilla. Topped with Vegan Honeycomb & Peanuts